Parents names, Ludy Faye Traywick Austin and Linzey Frank Austin.

Ernest Lee was buried at Deep Springs Baptist Church 13 of march 1948. Reverend Troy M. Sherrin officeated and he did have a military funeral and he was killed over seas.

He was inducted in the army at Fort Bragg the 12 of March 1942. He was killed in North Africa the 17 of June 1943 and we had a memorial service for him. Rev. I. B. Little officiated at the memorial service.

He went to school at Marshville. I do not remember the year he graduated. He attended the Baptist Church, he joined the church when he was 13 years old and was a regular member till he was killed.

He was working for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad when he was drafted in the army.

He married Pauline Hamilton just five days before he went over seas, there were no children. He had eight brothers and sisters, Mrs. Odelle Nance, Paul Austin, Mrs. Wilma Carpenter, Mrs. Kate Faulkner, Mrs. Lois Brewer, Carl Cyrtis, and Patsy Austin of the home.

He took his training in Louissana. He stayed there seven months was sent back to Fort Bragg and took training in the Gliders Infantry, 82 division. He stayed at Fort Bragg about three months and was shipped to North Africa. He landed in North Africa 12 of March and was killed the 17 of June. He wasn’t in a battle he was accidently killed by a glider.

Ernest Lee was buried when he was killed in North Africa at a place called Oran.

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