Heath Lee Duncan


Born December 6th, 1923. He was a member of Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, From a youth up. He went to school at Jerome Grammer School, Fairview High and finished with high honors. He went to Appalachian State Teachers College, Boone, North Carolina. He liked one quarter finished three years and there was called to the Army April 28, 1943. He had 17 weeks training at Camp Croft, South Carolina. He was a Pvt. in the infantry 3rd division. His serial no. was 14147890. He was shipped across sometime in Oct. First to Africa, then to Italy and was killed Feb. 7th 1944 on the Anzio beach head in Italy and was buried in the U. S. Military Cemetery Neeuno, Italy. About two years ago we had him sent home and buried in the National Cemetery in Salisbury, North Carolina.


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