Leroy Fetherson

Leroy Fetherson was born February 11, 1924, in Union County. He was the eldest son of Mr. Goldie and Mrs. Pearl Fetherson. His younger brothers and sisters were John Earl, Clarence. Louise and Allene Fetherson.

Leroy received his public school education at Western Union Elementary and High School. He entered school at the age of six years. His elementary education was under the direction of Miss Aurelia Williams, now a member of the faculty at Winchester Avenue High School, in Monroe, North Carolina. His high school work was done under the supervision of Mr. J. W. Brown, Principal of Western Union High School. After two years in high school, he stopped to help his parents on their farm. While in school he was a model student and a good sportsman. He excelled in the field of baseball, his favorite sport.

After quitting school he helped his parents on the farm for several years, cultivating and planting the land.

Leroy Fetherson became a member of Marvin A. M. E. Zion Church at an early age.

August 15, 1942, Leroy married to the former (Miss) Esterlune Honeycutt. In 1943, one child was born to this union, Pearlie Mae Fetherson. One month later he was called into the Army. There he served for one year. During this time he visited his home on furlough one time before going overseas.

After serving overseas for several months, he was on a passenger on an American Ship, which was sunk in the Teheranion Sea, by enemy action. It was on March 10, 1944 that he gave his life for his country.

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