Thomas B. Hartis--34608840

His Mother, Mrs. Annie Porter Hartis, is deceased. His father is Samuel E. Hartis.

He was born in Indian Trail, North Carolina on February 14, 1924. He attended school at Indian Trail High School. He was in the tenth grade in the summer of 1943, when he realized that he would be drafted into the Army soon, so he quit school and went to work for Dance Packing Company, in Charlotte.

He was drafted into the service of his country on March 9th, 1943.

He was not married, and he attended the Presbyterian Church of Indian Trail, N. C.

He has three brothers and two sisters. They are James, Edward, and Ernest, Hartis, and Gwen Lee Hartis, Mrs. Helen Hartis,

He first went to Fort Jackson S. C. Shortly after this he was sent to Camp Wallace, Texas. He received his training as Fort Bliss Texan and Muroc Army Air Base at Muroc Cal. At Muroc, in 1944, he was a member of Batery B. 82 AAA -AW-BN. In March 1944, he was in the same branch of the service at Onlaro Cal. He then got a dirty deal at Camp Caron Colo. when he and the rest of his company were transferred into the infantry. He received thirty days training there. He was then sent home for his last trip home before he went over seas. He was sent over seas in August 1944. On Sept. 9th, he was wounded in France.

He was hospitalized for 52 days and then sent back to the front. On Jan. 24, 1945 he was wounded again and was in the hospital for 3 weeks. He was killed in action by mortar fire from the Germans. He was overseas six months before he was killed. He participated in the battle of the Bulge. He received the Purple Hear, and the Oak Leaf Cluster. At the time of his death he was in Co. C. Third Infantry.

He is permantly entered side by side with comrades who have also gave their lives for their country. Customary funeral services were conducted according to his faith over the grave at the time of burial.

He is buried in

Plot A Grave 13

Head Stone Croll

Margraten U S Military Cemetery

Margrated Holland.


I appreciate the fact that his final interment was conducted with filling dignity and solemnity and that the grave site will be carefully and conservatively maintained permanently by the United States Government.

Sincerely Yours,

Samuel E. Hartis

War Father


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