Thomas L. Helms 34304353

Thomas L Helms parents were Mr. Ervin Helms and the late Mrs. Emma Reeder Helms. She died when Tom was only a very small boy and the Baucom’s took him (Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Baucom) in which he made his home until after he was inducted into the Army. He was drafted in the army in May 19, 1942. He and I the former Hazel Nance met in 1942 and was married on the first furlough which was in Feb. 10, 1943.

He was born in Union County May 16, 1922. He was Killed in Germany March 25, 1945. It was when they were crossing the Rhine River. He was in the Paratroopers and was with the 513th Inf. Colonel Coutts was his commanding officer and a very good friend. Before going over seas he was stationed at the followering places: Camp Wheeler Ga., Fort Benning Ga., Camp Maekall, Tullahoma Tenn. He went over seas in Aug. 1944. He was first burried in Holland but was later brought home and burried at Poplin’s Grow Babtist Church. The prechers thats officated was Rev. Vern T. Helms and Rev. O. H. Bouch. Rev. Helms Married us and O. H. Bouch is my Paster.

Before going in service he was employed at the Connon Mills in Kannoplas. He attended church at Eberniser Babtist Church. He made lots of friends and was well loved by all who knew him. We didn’t have any children, he had two brothers and one sister, Jack, Homer, and Kathleen.

He received the "Purple Heart", "Good Conduct Medal", and the "E. T. O. Ribbion", he had two stars on his "E. T. O. Ribbion.

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