Roderick J. Herring

Pfc. Roderick J. Herring, 29, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Herring and husband of Mrs.Vallie Temple Herring of Monroe, died on February 24, 1945, where he was serving with the Infantry in the First Army. The message from the War Department came last Friday evening, an account of which was carried in Tuesday's Journal.





It was our brother that was killed at Cologne
But he wasn't the only one killed alone
There thousands and thousands still away
That are going through the same thing our Brother did that day!
The beautiful flowers he sent to his wife
Were Valentine greetings thet everyone thought was nice
Never did we think in ten more days
That his life would be taken completely away.
The news is bad like I've said
We just can't get over our Brother being dead
But I know he is heaven resting today,
Because he confessed his sins to God while he was away;
And that's one thing we don't mind bearing
For that dead soldier our Brother "Rod" Herring.

---A Sister, Jo Herring

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