James Ray Montgomery 34671681

Sgt. Montgomery was buried at Prospect Methodist Church on December 12th 1948. Chaplin Rev. James A. Hudson of Monroe officiated. He had a full military funeral.

He was drowned in the Fulda River in Kassel, Germany. His body was sent home on December 4th 1948. His memorial service was on Sept. 16th 1945. He attended Prospect High School, and graduated in 1939. His church was also Prospect Methodist. He was very active in sport. He received a medal in basket-ball while he was in service. He was employed by Seaboard railway. He was married to Ruby Carnes.

Edgar P. Montgomery, Ralph C. Montgomery, Lenard W. Montgomery, Mrs. W.C. Starnes, Mrs. Loree Howlett, and Mrs. Walter A. Friese are S/SGT Mongomery’s brothers and sisters.

S/SGT Montgomery volunteered for service for his county. He was inducted at Fort Bragg. He was stationed six months at New Orleans La. and 22 months at Camp Robinson Ark. He was overseas 14 months. He received two battle stars. His parents names are Mr. & Mrs. D.M. Montgomery.




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