Aviation Ordnance-Man 2 C-U S N. Son of Mrs. Wilma Helms Newell and the late William E. Newell of Waxhaw who has been missing in action since February 18, 1945 has now been declared dead by the Navy Department.

A letter to his mother stated. He graduated from Mineral Springs High SchoolGordon both of Waxhaw April 9th and entered the Navy April 12th that same year, at the age of 17.

He was borned Jan. 17, 1926, and is survived by his Mother, one brother W.E. Jr of Waxhaw N.C., Mrs. Edith Patterson of Rock Hill S.C., Mrs. Glen Kirlpatrick, Duchestown, Tenn., Mrs. Charlie Williams of Lancaster, S.C., Mrs. L.D. Helms and Mrs. Bill Gordon both of Waxhaw N.C. He attended church at Pleasant Grove Methodist Church. He was a fine young Christian boy and was liked by every body. He took training at Jacksonville, Fla. and San Diego Calif. and was sent to the Pacific area in August 1944. He was in plane of a Unit Bombing Squadron which took off from a point on Leyta Island.

When the plane was lost no information was every found about it or the personnel aboard. It was assumes by the Navy the plane crashed. The letter stated that. You might find comfort in the thought that your son gave his life for his country, upholding the highest traditions of the United States Navy.


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