On fame's eternal camping ground

Their silent tents are spread

And memory guards in solemn round

the bivouac of the dead.

Mrs. Zeb Cuthbertson will be hostess to the Union County Gold Star Mothers' club on Tuesday April 10th, at 2:30 at her home on Pageland road, one mile below Hilltop. Dr. Walter E. Sanders, pastor of the Wingate Baptist church, will be guest speaker. A special invitation is extended to every Gold Star Mother of the county to attend, and those desiring transportation are requested to be at Gamble's Drug Store or the Secrest Drug Co. by 2:00 o'clock.

The club has erected an electric cross on the courthouse to the memory of the Veterans of world War II who made the supreme sacrifice. In connection with this a bronze plaque will be placed in the courthouse bearing the name of each. It is the wish of the club to include every boy's name. Please check the following list and if you know of some one who should be included and is not, contact Mrs. R.V. Lockhart, Monroe, Route 1, by May 1st. your cooperation will be appreciated. the list is as follows:

Alexander, Kermit W.; Aust, Ernest Lee; Austin, Harry Lee; Autry, Mark S.; Autrey, Heath; Baker, Henry Adam; Barbee, Samuel S.; Baucom, Hoover C.; Baucom, Marvin Dewey; Belk, Braxton C.; Black, Thomas Boyce; Brooks, Linwood C.; Carpenter, Jesse Glenn; Cook, Parks W.; Copeland, James H.; Connell, Norman S.; Crow, William Hall; Crowell, Grover Bernard; Cuthbertson, John Henry; Davis, John Hayne; Deal, Fred F., Jr.; Deese, Ward T.; Dickerson, Edward Ray; Duncan, Heath; Eury, Lacy W.; Fincher, Reuben J.; Fowler, Roy F.; Featherson, Leroy (colored); Futch, John D.; Garland, Robert Franklin; Gill, Barney W.; Grantland, James William; Goodwin, Warren S.; Griffin, John B.; Goodman, Bennie; Haigler, George Washington; Haigler, Harry; Hargett, Jack; Hartis, Thomas B.; Hasty, William David, Jr.; Haywood, Worth; Helms, Haskel; Helms, Thomas L.; Helms, Seabe F.; Helms, Marvin H; Herring, Roderick J.; Hill, Boyd; Hill, Flody E.; Hill, William Marsh; Hough, James Rogers; Hunter, Hershel W.; Hue, Jas. Calvin; Hubbard, Lee S.; Ingram, Julias Neal; Ivey, Charles J.; James, Broadus F.; Jenkins, Talmadge Clinton; Kiser, Dewey J.; Keels, Isaac Wesley, Jr.; Kilpatrick, James T.; Keziah, Monroe, Jr.; Knight, Herbert D; Krimminger, Herman Bruce; Laney, Thomas Percy; Laney, William Hurley; Lemmond, James Warren; Lingle, Ray Little; Little, Dock; Lockhart, Robert Vernon, Jr.; Long, Henry Ernest; Long, Roy Hamilton, Jr.; Love, Harold; McCain, Huey B.; McCray, Lee Douglas; McWhorter, Aubrey Fred; Medlin, John L.; Medlin, Broadus C.; Mills, Heath; Mills, Homer E.; Milton, Henry Harrison; McDowell, Jason Tillmon; Montgomery, James Ray; Montgomery, Doyle David; Moore, Thomas K.; Morgan, James P.; Mullis, Oscar W.; Mullis, William P.; Nash, Vann B.; Newell, Samuel Howard; Pope, Wade H.; Nance, Johnnie L.; Outlaw, Stewart C.; O'Leary, James Edward (colored); Parker, Johnnie H.; Parker, Jake C.; Penegar, Frank P.; Pierce, Charles Roland; Plott, J.B.; Plyler, Cole L. Blease; Pressley, Johnny P.; Robinson, William Hazel; Rorie, John B. Jr.; Rushing, Vance; Seymour, William Oren; Simpson, James Crafton; Simpson, J.C.; Smith, Thomas R.; Snyder, Jason E.; Solder, Clyde E.; Squires, thomas; Stack, Reuben James; Starnes, Samuel W.; Steele, Gaston N.; Stogner, Benjamin H; Stegall, Frank B.; Stegall, Paul; Sutton, Frank; Taylor, Robert E.; Thomas, Joseph Hubert; Thomas, John Hurley; Thomas, Raford; Thomas, Melvin; Threatt, Ray; Traywick, L.P.; Tucker, Geo. W.; Vann, john C.M.; Watkins, Jarvis B.;Watkins, Paschal; Williams, Grover; Williams, Horace; Williams, Roland C. Jr.; Williams, John H.;Wolf, Lee W.; Wood, Roy; Wood, Ralph V.; Yow, Lawrence Ellis; McCain, James Boyd; Keisler, Jas. H.; Bridges, Jack.


Tues. April 10, 1951

Cross erected Nov. 1950


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