Thomas R. Smith 34666940


PARENTS NAMES---Mr. & Mrs Tracy Smith. Mr. Smith died, and Mrs. Smith married again. She is Mrs. Jenny H. Smith Burnette. Her second husband Mr. Burnette is dead also.
DATE OF BIRTH---June 24, 1923.
PLACE OF BIRTH---Chesterfield County, South Carolina
DATE OF DEATH---August 8, 1944.
PLACE OF DEATH---Brest France; (Killed in Action.)
BURIAL---Plot D, Row 4, Grave 93, United States Military Cemetery, St. James France.
SCHOOL:---The last school Thomas R. Smith attended was John D. Hodges
CHURCH---Salem Baptist Church.
IMPLOYED---Imployed by Griffin Implement & Milling Company.
MARRIED---Grovene Williams-They had no children.
BROTHERS & SISTERS---J.L. Smith, Virginia Smith, Mrs. Samuel Glandy, Mrs. Dalton Shuck, Mrs. Jack Tucker. And one half sister-Willie Estelle Burnette
SERVICE---He was drafted, inducted at Monroe. Tommy took his basic training at Fort Bragg, Fayetteville North Carolina. From there he was sent to Camp Cook, California. He spent about a year and a half in traing camps; then he was sent over seas for Active Duty. His mother never heard from him over seas, untill she received notice of his death.

(We called him Tommy and he liked his nick name best.)

(Tommy; it broke my heart to lose you. But since it had to be, I rejoice in my sorrow to know that you gave your life for such a Noble Cause. For what would life be without freedom? Only a liveing death. I know how you loved freedom and liberty. You believed in the truth and that all men are created equal.)

(This knowledge eases the pain in my heart Tommy; for now I know that you are free. Free, with our Lord Jessus Saviour. Free, from the limitations of the flesh. You are at peace. At Rest with God.

Jessus said; "Are we not two sparrows sold for a Farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father." Matt. 10:29

Tommy, we will always miss you.
But in Heaven We Will Meet.
Around the Great White Throne at Jesus Feet.
God Needed You in Heaven,
To fill a place there.
Your quiet and good and kind Spirit;
Will brighten that city so fair.
The years come and go.
Toil troubles and Woe.
And a share of happiness.
But they touch you not, for you know Not of them;
With youth you are forever blest.
You were so young. Just twenty one
So friendly so good and so brave.
Your life had a purpose
You died not in Vain,
As your life for your country you gave.
Tommy, Christ is your Keeper your Saviour and Friend
Your life is much richer than when it begin.
And He will redeem you from the power of the grave.
For He Came to this earth, from the Father to Save.
He will receive you. PSALM 49:15

"When Christ Who is our life shall Appear; then shall ye also appear with Him in glory".
Colossians 3:4

All this is written for Tommy’s Mother Mrs. Jenny Helms Smith Burnette.
by Annie Lee Gurley


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