Number   00327

Scan Date   5/29/02

Time Period   built 1924-25

Subject Matter    Buford Township

Location    Union County North Carolina


Laney School built with some funds coming from the Rosenwald Fund Program ( Julius Rosenwald)

Photographer (if known)


Northeast side NC 207

This old building is owned by Antioch Baptist Church and sits nearby (2012).  The old well is still there as well.  The building plan was a 'one-teacher type'.  The community raised $300.00, Public funds added another $1,100.00 and the Rosenwald fund added $400.00.   (information about building plan and funds comes from Fisk University's Rosenwald Database - main site is - search only by state and then scroll their excellent list with photos!)

Time period, part of description and Notes not in bold print added by Patricia Poland, Union County Public Library, 8/30/2012

Measurements of original photograph

Height  5"

Width  7"

Type of photograph   Black and White