Number    00452

Scan Date       6/5/02

Time Period     c1905-07

Subject Matter    Veterans of the Civil War

Location    Union County, North Carolina


Survivors of the 48th Regiment of the North Carolina Troops

Inscription on photo reads (with mispelled word) "Survivors of the 48th N. C. Volentiers"

Photographer (if known)

Notes  There is a building under construction which can be seen in the background (through the porch of the courthouse).  Judging from the high scaffolding it was thought to be the Bank of Union (aka Jackson Club Building now known as "The United Way Building" at the corner of Franklin and Hayne).  The Bank of Union's construction began in the fall of 1905 and was completed near the end of the summer of 1906.  If this is true, then the group of veterans were on the Jefferson Street side of the historic courthouse.  HOWEVER, the angle is wrong for it to be the Bank of Union.

The man kneeling, third from right, might possibly be Coleman Stewart (d. 1907) as he lost a right arm in the war - note that he is kneeling on his left knee (he and one other man are in this position) -- no doubt this helped with his balance upon rising.  Thanks go to Greg Stewart and others who have speculated about this photo and offered the suggestions for these notes and the time period.  Please let us know if you have thoughts as to what building is under construction and the time period for this photo.  Time period, description and notes by Patricia Poland, Union County Public Library, 10/18/2012

Measurements of original photograph

Height   8"

Width   10"

Type of photograph    Black and White