Number    00971

Scan Date    7/18/02

Time Period    1896-97

Subject Matter     Schools

Location      Waxhaw, North Carolina


Waxhaw School ( Jackson township)
Waxhaw's first school house.  In the 1880's and 1890's this school was in operation on what is now North Providence Street in Waxhaw.  It was a "country" school with foot paths through fields and woodlands covering at its doors. it was operated about four months during the year and provided instruction in reading, writing and arithmetic.  Miss Hattie Rateree was the first teacher.


Photographer (if known)


Standing: Gordon sisters, Al and Lula Williams (sisters), Mabel Niven, Lura Byrum, Inez Caudle, Mazie Byrum, Unidentified, Mrs. Lesette Hood (at rear); Mrs. Hood's daughter, Florence (front), Gene Secrest, Will Niven, Frank and Earl Heath (brothers), John James, Cecil Broom,  Jim Williams, last two on right unidentified.

Seated: Maud, Lynn and Hat Williams (sisters), Allie and Ethel Rodman (sisters), Myrtle and Flow Broom (sisters), Florrie Strange, Lola Rodman, Lela Black, Unidentified, Chatham Bivens, Ernest and Dellie Hood, Unidentified, Pat Bivens, Fred Niven, Willie Broom

Measurements of original photograph

Height  6"

Width  9 1/2"

Type of photograph    Black and White