Number    01141

Scan Date   7/31/02

Time Period     June 18, 1922

Subject Matter    Camp Walkup U. V. C.

Location      Monroe, North Carolina


Picture taken in front of the Old Courthouse.
James Pearson Broome, front row, 1st from the left
W. C. Heath (Major Heath) can be seen directly in the middle (8 from left, 2nd row)  
Please see below the list of Union County men found in a news article who are most likely in the above photo. -pmp, 2/11/2010

Photographer (if known)

Notes  From The Monroe Journal, p 1, Tuesday, June 20, 1922: "Thirty Confederate Veterans Go to Richmond for Reunion" 

"Thirty old Confederate veterans of the county and ten from South Carolina boarded the special car at Monroe yesterday morning for Richmond to attend the annual reunion which convenes in that city today.

A few weeks ago Major W. C. Heath...made arrangements for the county to pay the railroad fare of these old soldiers to the reunion this year.  He then invited all the members of Camp Walkup to Monroe and had uniforms made for them, regardless of whether they were in financial condition to pay for them or not...the money to be raised through private subscriptions.

Clad in the old Confederate gray, they presented a more soldierly appearance than ever before.

Sunday afternoon...the old veterans gathered...railway tickets were issued them and they were all assigned homes in Monroe where they were entertained for the night, after which they were placed in front of the Confederate monument on the west side of the court house and a group picture taken."

List of veterans attending:  W. M. Perry, W. G. Long, J. C. Huggins, A. Plyler, J. P. Broom, W. T. Rorie, P. R. Belk, P. P. Plyler, W. P. Plyler, Philip Whitley, R. P. Keziah, J. W. Byrum, W. C. Cohen, J. R. Lathan, Jas. A. Griffin, J. L. Yontz, T. M. Winchester, T. E. Williams, John E. Haigler, Britton Belk, Daniel Starnes, A. W. McManus, T. F. Willeford, B. H. Benton, Thos. Shrink, Wm. McWhorter, R. M. Dry, J. S. Smith and S. E. Belk

Monroe Journal excerpts added (revised 9/6/2012) by Patricia Poland, Union County Public Library

Measurements of original photograph

Height   10 1/2"

Width   13 1/2"

Type of photograph    Black and White