Number     01166

Scan Date    7/31/02

Time Period     October 1941

Subject Matter      Water Fountains (Cast Iron)

Location      Monroe, North Carolina


One of two fountains on the courthouse square, these were probably being used by soldiers* after the "opening conference" on Oct. 3, 1941 for the Carolina Maneuvers.  This fountain stood on the Jefferson-Hayne Street corner.  The photo was published Oct. 10, 1941 in The Charlotte Observer.  The caption with the photo read as follows:  "The drinking fountain pictured below is on the courthouse square at Monroe.  It and another like it were placed there about 1900 and were condemned about 20 years ago because of not being sanitary.  With the demand for drinking fountains, the fountains have been modernized and are in operation again." [10-10-1941]
*about 12,000 soldiers attended this afternoon conference

Photographer (if known)

Notes  The fountains each had a small bowl at the bottom for man's best friend; the design being noted as 'Drinking Fountain. For Man and Dog'.
These fountains were manufactured by the J. L. Mott Company and were placed on our courthouse square in 1900.  As of 2012 the two fountains are undergoing restoration by the Robinson Iron Company of Alabama (see Enquirer-Journal, 12-7-2012, p1)  The information about the placement location of this fountain was provided by Mark Watson, Personnel Director of Union County.  Notes added, description revised -pmp, Union County Public Library, 1/16/2013-pmp

Measurements of original photograph

Height  8"

Width  10"

Type of photograph    Black and White