Monroe Enquirer, Historical Section

February 1, 1912


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The Monroe Enquirer published a special four-page historical section in 1912.  Whether part of the regular February 1st issue or separate we do not know.  It is believed that due to fires there are no surviving Monroe Enquirer papers between June 1880 and December 1926.  (Researchers at the library rely on the microfilmed issues of The Monroe Journal for the years between 1903 and 1927.)


The library owns an original issue of this 1912 Historical Section which features a brief history of the town, area and townships as well as the prominent men of those communities. 


At one time it was circulated to patrons.  The last circulation date stamped on the paper is October 31, 1971 (with the first beginning in 1960). 


Folds and tears were repaired with tape.  It was later laminated; a practice frowned upon by preservationists.  However, in this particular case, if this step had not been taken we would not have this issue today. (Note:  The Enquirer-Journal reprinted the issue on July 26, 1992 but decreasing the size to fit within today’s standard paper made the images and type more difficult to read.)


In order to make this valuable resource more accessible to the public, the Genealogy & Local History staff scanned each individual article.  The articles were then placed by groups according to the original page number (1-4) they are found on.  Therefore, all of page one’s articles can be found in the page one ‘group’ and so forth.


Searching the Historical Section:


These instructions are dependent upon the browser that you are in and your settings. For example, you may have to download each PDF in order to see it.


You can manually search each page by scrolling or clicking on “next” (arrow) at the top of the image.  This will allow you to run through each article on that page.


Or you can enter a word to search in the “Find” box at the top of the image.  Your results will be highlighted within the scans.  You can view the articles with ‘hits’ by clicking on the smaller arrows that will appear next to the “Find” box.


The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) doesn’t always pick up the word you are looking for so you may wish to study the images without utilizing the search features.


You can print or save each article.  They are in a PDF (Adobe Reader) format. 




Every effort was made to give the best image possible however some words and/or images may not be clear.  For further assistance, please contact the staff in the Dickerson Genealogy and Local History department of the Union County Public Library either by e-mail,  or by phone at 704-283-8184 ext 224.  You may also mail us at:  316 E. Windsor St., Monroe, NC 28112    We will be happy to help!


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**As of December 2013, the Dickerson Room staff is making every effort to post the images and accompanying articles (or just articles) to those persons with Find A Grave Memorials.


Try this link to our "virtual cemetery" for the 1912 edition to see what names we have added images to thus far: