"Operation Recognition": 
High School Diplomas for WWII Veterans

In recognition of their outstanding contribution, a program called "Operation Recognition" has been established for World War II Veterans.  The programs works with local school systems and government to award a full high school diploma to qualifying WWII veterans.  This is a small, overdue, gesture of our society's gratitude for the sacrifice these individuals made in the name of freedom.

During the 1940s, hundreds of young men and women from Union County left high school to serve in the armed forces during WWII.  Their sacrifice ensured our freedom, built our country into a superpower, and shaped the entire course of history throughout the world.  After the war, many of these veterans were not able to finish high school, but led productive lives and built our communities over their lifetime.

Union County recognized ten World War II veterans on November 11, 2000  by awarding high school diplomas for their outstanding contribution.  The following criteria were used to determine eligibility:

The men recognized were:

John Davis Billingsley
Walter Mason Byrum
Stanley H. Edwards
Stokes Helms
Herman L. Matthews
Johnson Watson McRorie, Jr.
John M. McWhorter, Sr.
Crowson Lee Pressley
Marcus Edmond Smith
Joe L. Williams


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